Friday, May 27, 2011

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing...

Saw a clip last night during the concert that really hit home with me. It was a man, holding a lamb talking about the protective electric fence that he has in place to keep out the predators that would try to kill the sheep. And you know as he talked about really understanding the way we (His flock) are compared to sheep in the Bible, it made me realize that as parents, that's how we're supposed to be too. We're supposed to put a fence around our young lambs (children) to keep the predators away from them. There are so many wolves in sheep’s' clothing just dying to get their claws into our children and tear them away from having a good upbringing. And the wolves aren't just after the young lambs, they're after the shepherds (parents) too, because isn't it easier for the wolf to get the sheep if the shepherd is distracted? Wolves don't always come covered in fur with big scary fangs, sometimes they're dressed up as a movie star, pop singer, television star, rap singer, country singer..And we're good at spotting those (most of the time) but what about the wolves that are dressed up as moms? Dads? Other family members or friends? What about the computer? Porn? Television? Food? Alcohol? I get teased sometimes for being too overprotective of my daughters, but the question really is, am I protective enough? Are you?

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