Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sooo ummmm..........

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I speak to people, and more importantly, how I speak to my children.  I wouldn't dream of telling someone that I've just met to 'shut up' or sigh impatiently when someone is trying to speak to me, yet I'm guilty of doing these things to the most important people in my life!!  B and I were talking about certain things having a stronghold on our lives, and praying to God for help in breaking these strongholds, well one of my strongholds is my attitude.  I've got a lousy one where my girls are concerned.  Yes, I love them dearly, and yes, they are the lights of my life but no, I don't treat them with as much love and respect as I could be doing.  I don't always say 'Please' or 'Thank you' to them, and I certainly don't always remember to tell them what a good job they're doing, or how much I appreciate the fact that they are really amazing kids.  I hear some parents speak to their children and it breaks my heart, no child deserves to be cursed at or made to feel less than human! My children are a gift from God and I am so blessed to be their mom but sometimes I get overwhelmed and lose my temper.  I'm not proud of my temper, and I'm not going to be one of those people that boast about their 'God-given' temper mainly because I realize that my temper doesn't come from God but rather from having a lack of self-control.   B suggested that each day, try to replace one evil behavior with one good behavior, so I'm going to really make that effort to remember that my girls are going to grow up and become women that  I influence them to become, for better or for worse.  Because it isn't up to anyone else to raise my girls into strong Christian women that are capable of creating friendships and relationships with people. 

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