Monday, May 2, 2011

To share or not to share..that is the question..

Okay, I share this blog with friends or do I continue to be a greedy little heifer and keep it to myself?  Part of me feels like this could be therapeutic and all that junk, and the other part of me feels like this could be something that would truly interest some people..(I know, I know!! Who am I kidding?)  I mean, cuz really this thing is probably going to be pretty boring because it is about my life and quite frankly, I bore myself at the best of I cannot start trying to become entertaining for the Internet! 

Hmm..meanwhile, while I'm pondering on the whole sharing thing..
I had a pretty good talk with SG today (a really wonderful woman, with a faith in Christ that simple astounds me, I consider her one of my closest friends and think she is just a sweetheart..and if you tell her I said that, I will DENY DENY DENY!!). I keep letting myself get pushed around into doing things that I don't want to do! I allow everyone to turn me in circles, and I allow this in my desire to please everyone but the result is that I end up making EVERYONE unhappy, including me!  Everyone keeps saying 'do what makes you happy, do what you think is best' but the minute I actually do do what makes me happy or what I think is best, I'm made to feel guilty! Or rather, I allow myself to feel guilty!  I wish sometimes I could be one of those people that simply speak their mind about whatever they wish and if people don't like it, oh well!  I'm not like that though.  For the most part, I cannot stand to hurt people or get them mad at me, it makes me sick to my stomach :(      I'm a wuss.  And I'm tired. So. Goodnight. 

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